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&Proud’s prized feature is its inclusivity centered modules. Each module includes in-depth and relevant information. What set’s &Proud’s modules apart from competitors, is its straightforward and continually updating stream of modules that can be accessed and reviewed at any time. Some offered modules include: racial sensitivity (0verall), appropriate and inappropriate commentary when speaking to minorities, how to respectfully talk about culture and customs, “Why can’t I touch your hair?”, disability sensitivity, creating a welcoming and accessible space for disabled co-workers, history of disabled employees in the workplace, don't pry! Harboring a friendship, LGBTQIA+ inclusivity and history, what does it all stand for, appropriate and inappropriate banter in the workplace, and so much more!

Training & Workshops

&Proud offers online and in person workshops with your company's human resource department. These training sessions offer one-on-one and group sessions with feedback on how to create your best workplace for all. Your human resource representative will be &Proud certified and help maintain diversity and inclusion within your company Training and workshop topics include: Connecting with the minority community, Inclusive hiring techniques, How to advocate for equality in the workplace, and so much more! .

&Proud Portal

&Proud’s new portal, “&Proud Connect Portal” connects companies with departments of national universities. This platform would make planning meetings, workshops, and networking more efficient. This portal creates a seamless one stop destination for seeking out potential interns and employees. &Proud Connect portal also features a mentor/mentee connection for people of all backgrounds.

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